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2015 Nepal


June 18, 2015 – Since 2003, New York Says Thank You (NYSTY) has assisted thousands of disaster survivors, empowered tens of thousands of volunteers, and inspired hundreds of thousands of children with programs encouraging service, hope, and community.

We are so grateful for your support which enables us to continue to “pay it forward” for all the love and support we received on 9/12. In that spirit, I am really excited to share with you our plans for this year’s “Big Build” as we are going global and local for the 9/11 Anniversary 2015:

First, we will be sending a group of volunteers from across the NYSTY family to help in the ongoing recovery efforts in earthquake-ravaged Nepal. Working in partnership with local groups helping to rebuild the many destroyed schools in Katmandu, our goal will be to empower hundreds of Nepalese children to be part of the rebuilding effort by unleashing their creativity and dreams for the future through our Stars of HOPE® program. These colorful beacons of hope will lift the spirits of tens of thousands of Nepalese struggling to rebuild and bolster the mental health of the greater community through the extended long term recovery effort in the months and years ahead.

Second, we will activate our extended NYSTY volunteer family across the United States by sponsoring up to 15 simultaneous service events here in the U.S., from rebuilding a flood-damaged home for a little girl battling leukemia in Alpharetta, Georgia to finishing the 4-H Community Center in Mena, Arkansas. We will assist ongoing flood and tornado recovery efforts in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and engage children and families in New York, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Kansas through Stars of HOPE and screenings of the New York Says Thank You film.  These events will bring communities together, strengthen connections to local first responders, and empower families and children through Stars of HOPE to provide hope to those in need in their own hometowns – whether a senior center, a children’s hospital, a battered women’s shelter, an army base, or some other recipient identified by a child’s soulful imagination and desire to make a difference.

As we gear up to “go global and local” for this year’s 9/11 Anniversary 2015 Big Build, we need your financial support more than ever to help sponsor our volunteers and materials, support these important programs, and invest in the capacity and general operations of New York Says Thank You Foundation that make these efforts to bring hope and healing to people around the United States – and world – possible.

Thank you for your generous support to help us transform tragedy into hope and forever keep alive the spirit of 9/12.  Donate Today!

May 21, 2015 – Our next big opportunity is with Stars of HOPE.
We started with projects in schools, then moved on to communities, but so many people have asked, “ Can I get Stars of HOPE for my daughter’s birthday party?” or “Can we do it for our family reunion?” The answer will be a big YES. Stars of HOPE® Box of HOPE. We are starting with a partnership with Brain, Child Magazine for our controlled alpha testing. From there we hope to get Stars of HOPE in the hands of every child in America to help every disaster in the world.

There’s a lot coming down the pipe for New York Says Thank You.
(Including this brand new website for you to learn more about us.)

May 21, 2015 –The National 9/11 Flag exhibit opens at the National September 11 Memorial Museum. We are presently helping the museum put together the story and timeline of the National 9/11 Flag.