Honorary C0-chairs

Robert F. Arning
Vice-Chair of KPMG

William C. Rudin
Chairman of Rudin Mgt. and Association for a Better New York

Jonathan M. Tisch
Co-Chairman of Loews Corporation

Board of Directors

John Curti
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Shoshana Dweck

Paige T. Ellison
Co-Founder & Director of Project KID, Mental Health Therapist/Counselor

Ash Greyson, Chair
Founder –Ribbow Media. Group

Robert O. Gurman
Gurman Capital Group LLC.

C. Ed Massey
Partner, Blakenship, Massey & Associates

April Naturale, MSW, Ph.D.
Mental Health and Traumatic Stress Management

Jeff Parness
Founder, New York Says Thank You