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Choosing the right project for New York Says Thank You takes a lot of research. Who can we help?

What kind of project will it be?
2015 Annual 9/11 Anniversary Barn-Raising

National 9/11 FlagWe have learned from our volunteers that our next project should be homes, places that really change people’s lives.

Where will we be rebuilding this year??  The good news, there has not been a lot of natural disasters in the last 12 months to choose from!  The bad news, this make finding a rebuilding project for September 2015 a challenge.  NYSTY has visited Lyons, CO, Pilger, NE, and Columbia, MS.  These 3 communities are well resourced with volunteers and funding and should have their families back home this spring/summer.  NYSTY has plans to visit Vilonia/Mayflower, AR and Louisville, MS in March.  Check back for more information

·         May 21, 2015 – The National 9/11 Flag exhibit opens at the National 9/11 Memorial Museum. We are presently helping the museum put together the story and timeline of the National 9/11 Flag
Our next big opportunity is with Stars of HOPE. We started with projects in schools, then moved on to communities, but so many people have asked, “ Can I get Stars of HOPE for my daughter’s birthday party? or Can we do it for our family reunion? The answer will be a big yes. Stars of HOPETM-in-a-Box,  We are starting with a partnership with Brain. Child Magazine. And we hope to get Stars into the hand of every child in America to help every disaster in the world.
There’s a lot new coming town the pike for New York Says Thank You. (Including this brand new website for you to learn more about us.)