Love Is Stronger
Than Hate – Clothing

2017 starts with HOPE!

We believe that LOVE is stronger than hate. 

We believe that everyone must speak up and speak out to show that we will not tolerate hate, nor be silent when people are singled out because of how they choose to pray, where they came from, who they choose to love, or the color of their skin.

Join us as we KNOCK OUT HATE.

Join our #armyofhope by snapping a photo of yourself proudly wearing a t-shirt proclaiming your belief that #loveisstrongerthanhate.

About Us

For the last 13 years we’ve seen the compassion and love shown by communities that have experienced disasters pay it forward to transform tragedy into hope.  Over 600,000 people have participated in New York Says Thank You Foundation’s service initiatives in all 50 states and in 22 countries.

All proceeds go to to support Stars of HOPE and New York Says Thank You Foundation

Love Is Stronger Than Hate Collage