Stars of Hope

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We empower children to bring hope and color back to their devastated communities through community art projects that generate lasting inspiration through the extended long term recovery period following disasters.

stars_bodyStarted in 2007 with the children of Greensburg, Kansas, we enabled them to paint 220 brightly colored Stars of HOPE with words of inspiration to brighten up the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors. The Stars were then planted on every single street corner in Greensburg, a town 95% destroyed by an F5 tornado.

In December 2008, we painted over 400 Stars of HOPE with the children of Galveston, Texas, a community devastated by the effects of Hurricane Ike.

As a testament to the underlying “Pay It Forward” dynamic that drives all our New York Says Thank You projects, the children of Greensburg, Kansas sent 200 Stars of HOPE to the children of Galveston, Texas to help in the recovery of their community and to keep this tradition growing.

Our goal is to have children in all 50 states participate in this special project to create lasting inspiration in communities throughout the country recovering from disaster.